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Greetings and Offerings

Greetings, fellow Dragoon fans!  Ashari here, humbly offering her services for your fanfiction and entertainment.  *bows* :3

I was introduced to this community by a certain "Black-Fire Dragoon" and am quite glad of it.  Reasons?  1.) I effing love this game and have since it came out and 2.) oppurtunites for SHAMELESS FANFIC PIMPAGE.

Here is my "Member Joins New Community" offering.

So far it's only one chapter, but there will be more, I swear!  And now that I'm hanging with you guys, I'm bound to get more inspiration.  *nodnodnod*

Also, a question:  Where can I find some sweet LoD icons?  My FMA icon collection is bigger than X-box, but I am grotesquely remiss in my LoD ones.  Icons of Dart and Meru--not necessarily together *gagish*--are especially of interest to me.  :3

Thank youuuu!
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