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Well let me just start off by saying that this is the 4th time I've played LOD. But someone told (my first time playing) thatit's impossible to catch the gerbil-dog thing in the cave (the thing that hops around on the stones.) So I believed them because I had tried to catch it for like 20 mins. But I just found ou that whoever told me this (I don't remember who it was) is a dirty liar. I caught the gerbil-dog. Purely by accident, actually. I decided to chase it around for a minute just because the noises that it makes amuse me. And I ran into it. It took me a second but I was like "OMG!!! I CAUGHT YOU!"

For anyone interested, it shakes and makes a weird noise, then runs to a stone and changes into a box. The box has a poison gaurd in it...which is good for the cave area. :)
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