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Question and

I have a question. i'll be discreet for the folks who havnt beaten the game yet.

What was everyones reaction when they found out who the Black Monster was?

I personally either wasnt paying much attention and missed it or something but i didnt see it coming! i was totally shocked. and the little duel scene was incredible!


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I was guessing it. She was always so mysterious and knew too much. So, I thought right from the beginning that she´s the Black Monster.
I was shocked at first but then I began thinking that it looked like a Dragoon. Therefore, through deduction (even though I didn't think it was who it actually was), I figured it was one of the current Dragoons or one of the Dragon Campaign Dragoons.
how would it have been one of the current Dragoon's without it being Rose? they had all JUST got their Dragoons and all of them were human besides Meru..and the black monster was too talk to be her o.o lmao

well, LOD was my first RPG, so i hadn't come to the conclusion that the "secret demon" is likely someone close to the characters, or one of the characters. so i was shocked.

however, upon replaying, i notice more and more each time how obvious it is, especially when you start to get into the second half of disc 3. saying stuff like "oh yeah, *rants on and on about the black monster*. um, i read about it somewhere".

it makes me feel so dumb every time i think about it.
well, I wasn't SURPRISED..but I can't say I expected it either. After going through it the second time you can SEE the wings on the Black Monsters figure. I felt SO stupid after that.
But fit though.

I knew right from the beginning, how she acted and how the others reacted and the volumes of knowledge that Rose had about the ancient past.

As for my personal reaction, I was amused and satisfied that my initial guess was correct.

i just felt it was a twist to make the storyline more interesting...
I was pretty young when I first played the game, and as such did NOT see it coming at all. XD;;; Plots have a tendency to lead me on by the nose--my eyes are crossed and I can only see what's right in front of me. XD; So I was not only shocked, but had to do a double-take: "Waitwait WHAT???! *reads the text again* NOWAI!!" XD

Butyeah. I SHOULD have seen it coming. I saw the silhouette of the Dragoon and was like, "OMG!" I can't remember who I THOUGHT it was going to be...I don't remember having any hypothosis, actually. XD;